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The Baltiks furs are perfect for self protection from freezing weather and extreme climatic conditions. This is possible because of its special charateristic of thermal insulation, breathability and sweat absorption, typical features of this natural product. For these reasons, our furs give maximum comfort to shoes, boots and clothing, especially destined to the coldest seasons.

Main group of articles

  • Fur : 100% natural wool
  • Fur : extremely fine and highest quality
  • Fur : mixed wool
  • Fur : synthetic in polyester and acrylic fibers

Depending on requests coming from the customers, all these fur types can be lamby or shaven:

The lamb effect is obtained by a thermal treatment, which exploits the water vapor. It makes the fur curly and very similar to the natural one. The same treatment can be used also on synthetic fur.

Fiber length

The fiber length can be from 8 to 20 mm. Its weight ranges from 300 to 1000 grams / square meter.

Piece size

The length of the piece can be from 25 to 60 meters. Its width can be from 145 to 155 centimeters. All the furs are rolled on cardboard tubes and packed in PVC bags.

Furs Finishing

The back of the fur is finished with a special resin treatment, which usually stabilizes it and makes it as soft as per customer request.


The color chart includes of course the typical natural wool color, but also the white, beige, grey, brown and black tones.