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The Baltiks furs are perfect for self protection from freezing weather and extreme climatic conditions. This is possible because of its special charateristic of thermal insulation, breathability and sweat absorption, typical features of this natural product.
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We produce all kind of furs, from 100% natural, to the synthetic ones. It makes us able to satisfy all needs of the customers.

Who we are

From 2008 Baltiks d.o.o. Ivanjica is a 100% Italian factory. The steady progressive expansion of Baltiks is based on continuous investments on equipments and production systems. At the same time we have improved the trade structure for better and massive European exports. We only use ecological raw materials for environment protection and we take particular care on the safety and health of our employees.

All these improvements, together with the experience of our engineers, has ensured high quality products and sales for 1,5 million Euros, 95% in Italy and the rest in Europe.